Guidance for People Who are Going to Work During COVID-19

Guidance for People Who are Going to Work During COVID-19

Guidance for People Who are Going to Work During COVID-19

While Philadelphia’s stay at home order is in place, it is important that everyone who is able to do so stays at home. For those who work at essential businesses and are not able to stay at home, the following tips can help you to stay healthy.

Getting to Work

  • Consider walking or riding a bike to work if you are able.
  • If you take public transportation, try to stay at least six feet away from other riders. Wash your hands before and after riding, try not to touch your face, and carry hand sanitizer.
    • SEPTA is regularly cleaning and sanitizing vehicles and stations.
  • If you drive to work, drive alone or only with people in your household.

Staying Safe at Work

  • Wash your hands often, especially after getting to work, and frequently during the day.
  • Clean regularly touched surfaces, like your workstation, counter tops, doorknobs, and refrigerator handles. Use the cleaners you normally use on these surfaces.
  • Stay at least six feet away from people you interact with and members of the public.
    • This might mean your work goes more slowly. That needs to be ok right now.
    • Signs can help. So can tape, cones, or other markings.
  • If you work with the public, make sure that customers or clients stay six feet away from each other and from you.
  • If your work involves being around others, wear a cloth mask to protect them – and ask them to wear one to protect you. If your work does not provide masks or face coverings, you can make you own with fabric and rubber bands.
  • Don’t touch your face when you remove your mask, and wash your hands after. Wash cloth masks every day.
  • It is fine to wear gloves, but washing hands is more important.
  • If you are able, post signs about social distancing for the public and staff.
  • If possible, use sneeze guards or plastic barriers to separate yourself from the public.
  • When you return from work, wash your hands. If your work brings you into contact with others, consider removing your work clothes and showering before coming into contact with people in your home.
  • Click here for more information for businesses and organizations, including what to do if an employee gets sick.


  • If possible, ask a family member or friend who is not sick to watch your children while you’re at work. Avoid asking grandparents, other older adults, or people with health conditions or weakened immune systems (like lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer). They could get very sick if they get infected with COVID-19.
  • Try to have the same person watch your children every day to avoid exposing them to multiple people. This lowers the chance of infection.
  • If your child is sick, do not send them to day care. Call your job and tell them you need to stay home to look after a sick child if no one else in your household is available. Your employer is required to give you paid sick time.
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Original Source: City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health