He Doesn’t Just Talk The Talk…He’s Walked The Walk.

He Doesn’t Just Talk The Talk…He’s Walked The Walk.

He Doesn’t Just Talk The Talk…He’s Walked The Walk.

Let’s give a shout out to the leaders who demonstrate an understanding of the importance of unions and the work our people do.  We want to make wise decisions about the people who want to lead us.

State Representative Stephen Kinsey (D-201st District-Germantown)

We’ve all seen God work through ordinary people and they become extraordinary.

Direct Support Professionals who give in-home care to people with intellectual and developmentally disabilities have historically been overlooked and undervalued.   While many politicians understand-in theory-the long-term relationships that develop between caregivers and those who need care, it is a rare individual who will make a personal commitment.

Working as a supervisor at Horizon House two decades ago, Stephen Kinsey was asked to create and manage their “life sharing” program.  The program enables disabled adults to live with unrelated adults who provide support in their own homes.  Kinsey, a single parent with four daughters, opened his household to Norman Moore.  Moore, then 44, was removed from alcoholic parents as a child, kicked around bad foster care situations and often homeless; but he developed a good relationship with Kinsey.  It wasn’t easy as they worked through the adjustments Moore had to make to live in a stable, loving home.

They lived as a family for more than 18 years.

It is an understatement to say Rep. Kinsey knows first-hand the complications and necessity to support and advocate for IDD men, women and children.  He hasn’t just talked about it. He walked the walk.

Now, as President of the Pennsylvania Black Legislative Caucus, his sincere concern and caring for our people continues.  In December, 2019 he hosted a policy round table with the Alliance of Community Service Providers to advance the conversation around issues like long-term housing, funding cuts and long wait lists for access to services.  As well, he pushes to assure DSPs are fairly compensated.

Kinsey is a rare leader in this field and an extraordinary human being.