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Dignity and Services for the Community

Members of Local 1739 are a critical part of Philadelphia’s social service safety net so people and families don’t fall by the wayside

We represent employees working in Philadelphia’s Community and Social Service Agencies.  From work readiness to substance abuse recovery, our members are dedicated to caring for people who cannot take care of themselves, giving hope to live a normal life.  People with disabilities can live independently.  We help Moms keep kids out of foster care.  We reunite families or show people a path to new opportunities.

Local 1739 Leadership

Fred Wright, AFSCME Local 1739 President

Fred Wright

Joined the union in 1980 as a Vocational Counselor at JEVS, helping

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Vice President

Zakiyyah Snead

Joined the union at JEVS in 2007 starting her career as a

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James Baylor

Union member since 1980.  First joined the ACT division as a Drug

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Local 1739 Union Representatives are available to protect
your rights, resolve disputes and help access your benefits.

Local 1739 Chapters

We organize and represent administrative and professional workers at Philadelphia’s private social service agencies. Our members perform in a variety of positions including: direct service professionals, instructors, job developers, drug and alcohol counselors and clerical and administrative support.


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AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
JEVS Human Services
JEVS Human Services
JFCS (Jewish Family & Children's Services)
JFCS (Jewish Family and Children’s Service)
Kaiserman JCC
Kaiserman JCC
SPIN (Special People In The Northeast)
SPIN (Special People in the Northeast)
TURN (Tenant Union Representative Network)
TURN (Tenant Union Representative Network)
AFSCME Local 1739
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