Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The mission of AFSCME Local 1739 is to provide the social services that make the community stronger.  From work readiness to substance abuse recovery, our members are dedicated to taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves, giving them hope to live a normal life.  Many of us take the blessings we enjoy for granted.  But people with disabilities who are struggling with the basics—like  holding down a job—can look to community agencies to learn to live independently.  Community and social service workers can reunite families or show people a path to opportunities that are not generally available to them.  Our members help single mothers cope so they won’t lose their children to foster care.  And in the midst of an opioid crisis, we help people fight the curse of addiction.


We are employees of Philadelphia’s Community and Social Service Agencies.


We help people who are challenged by physical and emotional disabilities.

We help families with emergency living arrangements and affordable housing.

We train people for jobs.

We give children tutoring, or other educational support.

We help people avoid eviction.

We help people with substance abuse problems.


We address the basic needs that keep families together and keep individuals from falling by the wayside.  Local 1739 is an indispensable part of Philadelphia’s social safety net.   Our members make sure no one is overlooked because we are looking out for them.  We provide the basic services that a community needs to function.

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We are always here to help the needy peoples any where in the world.