Getting Through This Together

Getting Through This Together

Getting Through This Together

The people of our City are thankful for the service members of Local 1739 continue to provide through these trying times. We know that you stand with medical providers and first responders as essential workers on the front lines of this crisis, caring for so many people who cannot help themselves. Thank you.

As we live with the uncertainties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to keep you updated with reliable news and information to help you keep yourself and your family safe and healthy and thriving.

The coronavirus aid package that passed last week should give us a measure of comfort about the financial security of our jobs and the agencies which employ us. The plan includes:

  • $350 billion in loan forgiveness grants to small businesses and non-profits to maintain existing workforce and help pay for other expenses like rent, mortgage, and utilities.
  • Protections for existing collective bargaining agreements.
  • Cash payments to working class Americans of $1,200. And $500 for each dependent child. These payments will come to individuals through the Internal Revenue Service. At this time there is no need to apply for these funds.
  • The full payment is available for individuals making up to $75,000 (individual) and $150,000 (married).

Finally, if you are concerned about tax problems or issues of any kind, the IRS has initiated a series of options to relieve taxpayers, including suspension of liens and levies until July 15, 2020. Please visit the IRS web page for details:

While many of us continue to work as essential employees, if you have a family member who has been furloughed, there are important enhancements of the unemployment insurance that were passed:

  • Unemployment payments have been increased as much as $600 per week and the average worker will receive 100% of their salaries during an extended period of time.
  • More people will be eligible for unemployment insurance including self-employed and “gig economy workers” (like Uber drivers).

Information about the response to the virus is flowing rapidly; we will do what we can to keep you updated. If you have any questions or news you would like to share with us or your fellow union members, we encourage you to contact your union rep or post appropriate information to the new Local 1739 Facebook page. Let’s stay in touch during this storm and we’ll get through it together.


Protect yourself as you work. Wear masks, gloves and wash hands and disinfect surfaces frequently.

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